Need ongoing tech support? There’s a plan for that!

Whether you need support now or later, we’re here for you. Our Concierge Plans are custom-designed to relieve you of all of your home technology maintenance and protection needs. From your computers and mobile devices to home theater and smart appliances – our aim is to deliver you peace of mind at a competitive price.  Joining is simple. You pick the plan that best suits you and your family, and we’ll do the rest.


 What Makes our Concierge Plans So Great?

  • Our plans cover your most common tech headaches and everything in between.  From unchecked malware and finnicky devices to home entertainement setup, our experts are equipped to set you straight. Click here to read about our comparisons on extended warranties versus service plans
  • Tools and utilities are included. All of your antivirus and malware protection and software updates are included and handled by us! We get notified if something is amiss and we can then take the appropriate action to avoid disruptions.
  • Our service hours come at an unbeatable discount. Each plan includes a prepaid block of time, and that time is discounted up to 40% off our regular rates. This time is for you to use however you need.



Who Should Purchase a Concierge Plan?

Our Concierge Plans were designed to serve the varying tech needs of our customers. There is no real limit on who can benefit from our dedicated expert help, and we have yet to find 2 sets of customers with the exact same tech needs. Here are just a few examples of customers who sign up for one of our Concierge Plans.

    • Grandparents with a new laptop they need to learn how to use in order to keep in touch with their grandkids who live a couple hours away. They want some training on how to use their computer’s webcam and Skype. They also want to be able to print wirelessly from anywhere in their home.
    • A family with two teenage children who recently upgraded to a smart TV, and purchased a new Xbox system, and need both connected. The parents also want to be able to monitor their home’s systems when at work, plus make sure all important documents and family photos are backed up.
    • The ultimate technophile. The guy or gal who owns a MacBook, iPad, and iPhone, and recently purchased a new car with a built-in navigation system. The tech lover who must have the latest and greatest in technological advancements, but who doesn’t want to worry about maintaining or syncing all their devices, or spend time figuring out how to work the GPS.
    • The gift giver. That’s right – you can purchase any of our Concierge Plans as a gift! No more over-the-phone tech support with a relative or friend! Buy them tech support coverage for a year, and know that they’ll be in good hands.

How Can I Purchase a Month-to-Month Plan?

If you’d like to forgo the annual prepay option, the quickest way to setup a month-to-month plan is to pick up the phone and call 781-484-1265. One of our technicians will personally assist you in making the payment and scheduling your first visit. 

How Can I Use my Prepaid Hours?

Good question! We can help you with any and all of the services we provide to our regular customers. Ready to get started? For more information on how to spend your prepaid service hours, visit our Services page. We’ve got all of your home tech needs covered. 

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